Sardinia 2014.. Best of

It's now or never, but I thought it would be perfect time to finally share some photos from my trip to Sardinia this summer.

Pre-summer, to be precise. When the sun hasn't started burning, the beach wasn't full of people, the blueness of the sea was just appealing. Sardinia treated us with its most attractive appearance and left me with no choice but to dream of going back ever since.
I still smell the mixture of ocean,  urchin pasta, and homemade liquor from our caption.
Going from island to island.
Stopping in the middle of the ocean and jumping into it.
Lying on the deck and listening to waves and seagulls.
Watching the sun go down the mountains.

Wish it was a never ending dream.

I'll be introducing from Alghero, Sassari, Palau, Nuoro, Gorroppu, Orosei, Cala Gonone, to last stop Bosa. But fist some highlights of this amazing Mediterranean island.

Shot with Canon 6D + 24-105mm f/4.0

Sardinia, Italy. June 2014

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