Sardinia 2014...PART 1 Alghero + Sassari

First two days spent in Alghero and Sassari. 

Our apartment was located in the new town of Alghero. On the night we arrived Alghero, we went to this small, family run restaurant that served only fish and seafood in the old town, down and up hill.

In Sassari, preparing coffee using a super cute Italian water boiler.

Reflection of the afternoon sun.

Too hot that we had to go inside somewhere. National "G.A. Sanna" Museum.

Then it was time to pick up the car and head for the northern town Palau.
I suffer from terrible car sick, so it was almost impossible to bare with the 5-hour drive. A couple of times we had to stop because of the sickness, and then we passed by this hidden beach.
The incredible sunset over the Mediterranean sea that turned the world golden, that made the surfers laugh and the road endless.

Shot with Canon 6D + 24-105mm f4.

Sardinia, Italy.
May 2014

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