Sardinia 2014...PART 4 Canyon Gorropu

Continuing with Sardinia post! Refresh your memory with Alghero Sassari | Palau | Nuoro

Since we were by car, it was rather easy to get around in Sardinia. Nuoro acted as our transit point towards Rifugio Gorropu, where we were gonna spend in the next 3 days.
Rifugio Gorropu is a farm house in the mountain area at the eastern Sardinia. One can easily visit Cala Gonone, Orosei, and most importantly, the expressive Canyon.

View from Rifugio Gorropu

Canyon Gorropu (Gola di Gorropu), is the deepest and most spectacular gorge of Europe. We drove on SS125 towards Hotel Silana and parked in front of it. The entrance to the gorge is just around the corner of the hotel.

It is a great trekking location for everyone (about 10km return), along limestone slopes, rock pinnacles and cliffs pockmarked with caves. When we went there it was really quiet, that only goats and lizards were our companions.

There was no words that I can express myself when I saw the gorge. After 2 hours of exhausting trekking, suddenly it was revealed at my sight, pure white walls of sheer limestone with no end.

Had lunch on the beautiful limestone. The spring water is drinkable so we filled our water bottle with it!

Shot with Canon 6D + 24-105mm f4.

Sardinia, Italy.
May 2014

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