Sardinia 2014...PART 5 Orosei + Bidderosa

Before we went to the Canyon Gorropu, we spent a day driving along the eastern coast and visited small town Orosei & Natural park Bidderosa.
Since our base is located in the mountain area of Dorgali, the drive down the mountains towards the coast was really a treat. Small villages up hills, cows and dogs on the highway - literally, walking on the highway.
It was a glimpse into the Sardinian country life.

Previous days:

Orosei is a small town worst a visit if you are into wandering around on roads made of cobblestone, chasing 50 shades of yellow that the sun gives to the walls, and losing yourself in the side-streets of the old town.

Lunch at "Ristorante La Taverna", with the best ham ever!

In the afternoon we continued our trip to the natural park Bidderosa. It's a park with a beautiful lake, coastal pine forests, bird-watch opportunities and 5 separate beaches. We had only an afternoon so only managed to visit 2 of them, but they are one of the most breath-taking beaches I've ever been!


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