Sardinia 2014...PART 2 Palau

Like how I described in the beginning post,
The mixture of ocean, urchin pasta, and homemade liquor from our caption.
Going from island to island.
Stopping in the middle of the ocean and jumping into it.
Lying on the deck and listening to waves and seagulls.
Watching the sun go down the mountains.
Too much to begin with...

We signed up for a day-trip at the harbor with Marinella, which turned out to be the best decision ever throughout the whole trip.

Captain is an Italian man who fell in love with an American teacher, and raises a sailor-to-be. 

The tour includes visit to two best beaches near Palau. We stopped at the first one for an hour or so, before returning to the yacht to have lunch.

The two hills are connected under water, and it is too shallow that you could actually walk from left to right.

Then we passed by this magical area...

...And swam in the middle of the ocean!

On the tiny island La Maddalena. Cat, lobster, sailor and youngster. 

Shot with Canon 6D + 24-105mm f4.

Sardinia, Italy.
May 2014

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