Foodelicious Madrid | 舌尖上的马德里 # 2

Mercado de San Miguel

舌尖上的马德里 # 2 之 Mercado de San Miguel(San Miguel市场)

在拉丁区和歌剧院中间的San Miguel广场是堪比巴塞罗那La Boqueria的食物市场。逛市场的美妙之处在于,你看见五彩缤纷的食材陈列在旁边,食物的香气中混合着视觉的愉悦,胃口大开的同时钱包也不至于迅速憋下去。除新鲜食材外,很多商铺贩卖各种西班牙特色小吃、点心、酒水和果汁,让人从开胃菜吃到餐后咖啡饱足地出门。市场四面都是玻璃,来来往往的行人从外面就能一眼看见各色食物和吃得满面笑颜的人们。标榜为马德里的culinary cultural center,名至实归。

The Plaza San Miguel has been a haggling haven for Madrid’s homemakers and servants since the early 19th century. The iron-and-glass Mercado opened in May 1916, a monument to modernism and new ideas on hygiene, reminiscent of Les Halles in Paris. Eventually all but abandoned, the building fell into disrepair. Restoration began after private investors bought the building in 2003. [via]

Some fish for lunch? Mercado de San Miguel

Sausage plates. Mercado de San Miguel

Olives plates. Mercado de San Miguel

Merengues. Mercado de San Miguel

Fascinated by the pastries. Macedo de San Miguel

Marcedo de San MMiguel
It was a hot afternoon when we visited there. Lunch time has already passed but there were enough people enjoying snacks, sandwiches, tiny-sized paella so that you have stomach for all flavors, ice-cream, pastries and mostly a glass of wine with olives, It was such a joyful moment for the eye: everybody was delightful either because of the cuisine or their company. We did, too.

It's a pity that I'm not able to express the atmosphere through the photos. Only a few shots were taken before I rushed myself for a glass of fresh fruity white wine.

Taken with Canon 500D + 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6
 Madrid, Spain. 27 May 2012

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