Moment in this time era

Magda Wosinska from on Vimeo

"I'm documenting a certain life-style of people. About me and my friends and group of people around me. I'm capturing something that if you look at 50 years later, it will be a moment in this time era. It's so amazing that it is all captured, because of the picture. That moment never peeks again."

I went through this cool project today and found this speech so inspiring. This is exactly what I'm photographing right now, and I believe it's reason to many people as well.
The moment we live and breath, is so precious no matter how boring and repeating it seems to be. They are all special to a certain point and certain object; when looking back at few years later I'd appreciate what I was doing right now, that had made me what I would be. Everything happened and left behind takes me where I am.

Trash and treasure. That's what years bring along.

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