Antwerp Vintage Discovery

Before leaving for Antwerp for a short weekend, I scheduled these 1.5 days full of shopping, or at least, window shopping:) A long list of vintage shops I found on this site and this site helped me decide which one I wanna visit and which one I'm going to actually buy something. Yet what I didn't see beforehand is that there are way too many fantastic shops besides these! So on Saturday we had to catch up with the time by only visiting those shops I'd actually consume. 

As someone living in Rotterdam - not the first time I complain its boredom :P - Antwerp on the other hand is absolutely an inspiring city. These shops here are just a peak into what it can offer. Too bad time was a issue this time, I definitely am coming back for another longer getaway soon enough. 

It is said to be one of the biggest second-hand stores in Europe, containing 3 floors for women, men and kids. To be honest I didn't find it that interesting, although the amount of stuff they have is inconceivable. I did try out two pairs of heels though, one from PRADA (60 euros) and one from MASSIMO DUTTI (20 euros). Too bad they were kinda big for my feet.

It was the one shop I enjoyed the most, and actually bought something from (the jacket I'm wearing in the above picture). The interior was adorable and have a lot of details, like those record disks. The price tag is adorable too - 16 euros for the wool jacket I've got! 

A vintage chain from Amsterdam, with branches also in Haarlem and Heemstede. Interesting interior decoration with barbies everywhere, sitting on clutches and holding sunglasses. I tried on a navy velvet dress, though didn't turn out great;)

A street full of antique furniture, books, and all kinds of decorations. Although it was a bit late at the time and we didn't make through the whole street, the walking-along was absolutely enjoyable and eye-amusing. There are uncountable numbers of antique shops, full of expensive and rare creatures from all over the world. 



  1. Such beautiful images. It was so relaxing to scroll through these. Now off to look around your blog some more!

    Katherine XX

  2. Wow, you came across some absolutely beautiful stores, I adore vintage, I hope i can visit them in person one day. Great photos


  3. Woaew, I love these. Love the stores, love the colors and the way you've caught the mood of them.
    xo from Denmark.