Classic Dutch Ballroom Wedding Inspiration | Trouwfotografie Wereldmuseum Rotterdam | Destination wedding photography Netherlands

Inspired by its location - Wereldmuseum - once the yacht club of prince Hendrik of the Netherlands, we shot this editorial bridal session on a cozy afternoon. With beautiful high ceilings, golden ornaments and chandeliers, it is the most iconic, classic-styled building of Rotterdam.
I pictured a girl embracing her new life, overlooking the window while waiting for her prince, gazing in the mirror and dreams for the romance to come. Classic, grace, and elegance are the key words.
The gown is a feminine and elegant piece with lace details on the shoulders and the back. Hair and makeup was kept natural and effortless, with a focus on eyelashes and pink lips.
I believe every woman is a princess on her own and can relate to this classic, elegant wedding idea in some way.

- Photographer & Styling: CHYMO & MORE Photography
- Model: Isaura Flint
- Makeup & Hair: Lilian Brussen
- Venue: Wereldmuseum Rotterdam (special thanks to manager Ms. Monique Goedegebure for providing the venue)
- Vintage gown, ring and shoes
- Florals and table setting all by me

* A little inside: the table setting was actually shot on a different day on my balcony! Gotta love some DIY right;)

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