Citylog # Firenze.. 35mm

Sketching the Duomo. Firenze

While wandering around the city of Firenze we passed by this camera shop between Piazza Republica and Duomo several times. Beautiful vintage cameras were displayed in the window and I just couldn't resist but go over and over again.
On the last day I finally picked up a mint-condition Pentax K1000 + standard f2 50mm lens. "Time to finally go analogue," this secret whisper in my head.

So here are the shots done in Firenze. Mostly around the Duomo since that was the place we went on the last day. Some street shots were near Via Roma and the central market.

The incredible dome. Duomo, Firenze

An overview of the city on top of the Duomo. Firenze

Campanile di Giotto, The Duomo

2 years ago I came to Firenze alone on a trip along the Italia world's famous cities. Between days of church visits, one of the most memorable ones was the Duomo (Santa Maria del Fiore). It is so simple comparing to all the other Italian cathedrals, but the dome itself is such a feminine and charming piece of art that gives contradiction to the Gothic structure. I adore how the sunshine comes through the dome leaving an amazing natural lighting performance.

Sadly what I had was just a 50mm prime lens. Below are some shots from 2 years ago for a better view:
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Admiring. Via Roma, Firenze
Via Roma is one of the busiest street in Firenze. On the way from the Duomo to the train station while enjoying an ice-cream, I noticed this gentleman in front of the showcase of a book/record shop. His red collar popped out, together with the cigar in his hand, caught my eye right away. He is so concentrated that didn't even noticed my shutter sound any. An absolute Italian moment in my mind.

Serving the lunch table. Mercato Centrale, Firenze

A piece of Lampredotto. Mercato Centrale, Firenze

Lampredotto is a traditional Firenze snack, meaning "cow's fourth stomach chopped and simmered for hours" (via Lonely Planet). Now it might sound as disgusting as it can be - where is the fourth stomach at anyways?! - but trust me, this delicacy is worth throwing away all your western prejudices. There is also choices of trippa (tripe) and bollito (stewed beef), either served with bun or in a box.

Vegetable feast. Mercato Centrale, Firenze

Taken with Pentax K1000 + SMC Pentax-A f2 50mm + Kodak color plus ISO 200
Developed and scanned at Foto van Graaf, Rotterdam

Firenze, Italy. 15 October 2012

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